Green Ketapang

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A great new addition from our most consistant provider. He keeps impressing us. Strong material from Ketapang was dried indoors and then grinded and milled to perfection. This current batch is excellent and bright green.

Recommended for green fans especially.


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A great new addition from our most consistent provider. He keeps impressing us. Strong material from Ketapang was dried indoors and then grinded and milled to perfection.

Recommended for green fans especially.

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15 reviews for Green Ketapang

  1. Tyler

    A very nice green one of my favorites ever. Really nice euphoria for me and not too much energy. My go to for evenings. Only 4 stars because I enjoyed it so much that I used it daily and grew a tolerance for it quickly. Even after a break I couldn’t quite get the euphoria to kick in as much as it first did. Other kratoms such as Super Green seem less prone to tolerance problems for me.

  2. susan.stampfli

    5 Star Kratom

  3. Billy

    Great morning strain nice clear focused energy. Long legs. This vendors greens are all top notch

  4. BillyBobJoe

    100 % a good too morning strain!! Great even energy, no wobbles, and as Always super fresh. This vendor has the best greens I have even tried and I have nothing but good things too say about them!! Love it

  5. Billy

    Best morning energy focus strain ever made by the Kratom god itself.

  6. Mick K

    This green is probably the most intense feel good green Kratom I have ever had since I discovered Kratom. And kog continues to blow me away. I so recommend this. It often lasts me for a good 5 to 7 hours, it’s amazingly strong. And the mood lift is just delightful! I cannot recommend this enough. Next time it is in stock, don’t even blink, Jump On It.

  7. Lynn Hammett

    I just got my shipment and it is beautiful. Its bright green with the finest grind. Super fresh and really, really effective in elevating mood. Superior green.

  8. Jace

    Boom, good morning, clean, strong energy. Motivated and ready to go. The energy/mood is so clean/good, i dont even want my morning coffee!
    A very strong but pleasant euphoric aroma accompanies this fella!
    (Has a fairly sweet-ish aroma also, that fits like a puzzle piece; toning its energy down JUST enough to be the perfect morning green in my opinion. or day.)
    You can tell true masters of the craft cared for this guy. Its incredible! Just look at the grind 🙂
    My interest in “faster” aromas was re-ignited thanks to Green Ketapang!

    (I try not to review veins that have enough reviews, But KOGs current batches are top-notch)

  9. Jace

    I must add. This is one of the strongest mood boosting aromas ive experienced and others seem to agree!

  10. Cally

    Not high on energy but does not make you drowsy. Its a good choice for making your own mixes at home or tapering with a white or reds. Absolutely great for mood and euphoria. I don’t have anxiety but I bet it’s a good strain for that. Ketapang is usually always strong from a good vendor and ketapang and Jong kong is usually the only old growth other vendors offer buying from here you know its going to be a quality product and they specialize in old growth

  11. Marc

    As always, I’m more than satisfied by KOG’s products. But here is something special. It always puts me in a great mood that bursts with energy and focus. I must stress that many of the other strains here do this as well. And how! But there is something about this one that speaks me. A wonderful daytime strain.

  12. Alex V

    The Ketapang is something else, vibrant green and contains everything you need to turn your day into a wonderful one. Not one other company provides the quality, consistency, and customer service that these fine folks do. Going anywhere else is doing yourself a disservice.

  13. lobownels

    Nice color and energy. This is likely the best green I have had.

  14. Williamceave

    Excellent quality

  15. FgrsKense

    Nice color and energetic. Will re-order

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