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Chocolate is a very popular type of bentuangie that has been long fermented. All red vein, very smooth with all the benefits associated with reds. A great night time helper. Super fine grind.

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Chocolate is a very popular type of bentanguie that has been long fermented. All red vein, very smooth with all the benefits associated with reds. A great night time helper. Super fine grind.


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16 reviews for Chocolate

  1. Robert Willerson

    Melts away pain as I relax. My night time go-to. Love this one.

  2. Marla

    Very relaxing with decent pain relief and energy

  3. Lynn

    Wonderful for my brain before bedtime! This relaxes both my mind and body, eases my pain from Fibromyalgia and helps me sleep more deeply too..Just love Chocolate!

  4. Medea

    Love the Chocolate. Good pain relief, relaxing, slept for most of the night. This is one that I recommend!

  5. Jon

    If you’re looking for the best nighttime Kratom available, this is the one. Like someone else said, you just melt away into a completely blissful relaxation state as you drift slowly off into one of the deepest sleeps. Had some very intense and vivid dreams as well from this strain!

  6. Joe

    Very smooth in effects, it is great for pain and stops any anxiety in its tracks. If you have tried complex 1 and liked it this is smoother and still not overly sedating in the first few hours unless you burned large amounts

  7. Anonymous

    Great relaxation and helps me sleep through the night.

  8. Erika

    Great for relaxation at night. Helps me fall asleep and stay that way.

  9. Randa

    Favorite bed time dose. Very relaxing. The day’s stress melts away completely.

  10. Allana

    Very relaxing, smooth, even burn. Definitely an afternoon delight.

  11. Chuck Mitchell

    Chocolate Bentuangie:
    A real “mystic” strain for me! Has such a deep satin smooth grind & rich chocolate brown color that ‘spells ‘ red strain qualities. I’ve never (till now), seen such a deep color with an exotic aroma in kratom! Great night time (sleep inducer) with superb analgesic qualities as well as a blissful mood enhancer. This old Doc gives this 5 thumbs up & suggests that this one is another KOG special to carry – as you won’t go wrong !
    C.M. (Krzy4KrtmDoc)

  12. Buckminster

    This site is great. It has the best selection of strains, with the highest quality, for the best prices. The selection of reds is particularly nice -each one I’ve received has a deep, almost ochre color (I’ve almost never seen before, with exception to the pictures of strains other companies use on their sites).

    Anyway, the Chocolate strain is great for pain, anxiety and sleep. I’m a life-long insomniac, and this strain definitely helped me out.

  13. Mike S.

    Fantastico!!! Another winner from KOG! There is no other vendor that has this level of kratom. Super fresh, unbelievable color, smooth onset into painless bliss! Having a Bentuangie that is this good, makes me wonder if I’ve ever truly had it before. This Chocolate is exactly how the exotic strain is supposed to be. The ones I tried from other vendor were imposters. So glad I found KOG!

  14. cordealanadams32

    Very relaxing strain. Perfect for going to bed or a lazy afternoon

  15. MJ

    I think this is the most sedating kratom I have ever encountered. The dark reddish-brown, copper-like color is also the most remarkable I have seen, with the exception of the Dark Coffee. Top choice as far as reds go.

  16. M

    Chocolate literally melts the tiredness away. Puts you in the headspace to sleep. Mind is clear and body is willing to sleep but you can stay up on off you want until your eyelids just want to shut

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