Yellow Magic

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 Introducing Yellow Magic. Full spectrum Yellow blend that is very balanced and does it all wonderfully.  All the wellness benefits from the red vein plus the mood of the yellow and the pep of a white.  Personal favorite

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 Introducing Yellow Magic. Full spectrum Yellow blend that is very balanced and does it all wonderfully.  All the wellness benefits from the red vein plus the mood of the yellow and the pep of a white.  Smiles


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18 reviews for Yellow Magic

  1. John

    K-OG made another gem here. Very well rounded and my recent go to for afternoon burn.

  2. Scott

    This review is extremely long overdue. I’ve been a customer of harry’s for over 7 months and this is my first review, though I should have done many more. As many now know, K-OG always is spot on with his strains. On a recent order, one of the strains I selected was out of stock and K-OG suggested and chose yellow magic in its place. I always trust the staff here and this yellow magic is a prime example of never being let down. This strain for me peaceful and happy; “mellow yellow”. Extremely pleasant mood life/euphoria. Out of the 5/6 strains I received in my order, this one is my favorite thus far. The “magic” name label given to this strain could not be any more appropriate or fitting. I hope K-OG can make this one a permanent choice when ordering.

  3. bstewartasd

    Excellent blend. Best of all worlds. Try it.

  4. Medea

    This is one of my new personal favorites! I normally look for pain relief, and I got that, decrease in my anxiety, and a gave me a great boost in energy! Love this one!

  5. Allana

    Very well rounded! Enjoyed this as both a morning and afternoon burn.

  6. Elijah

    Flame on(not literally). But definitely great for that time of the day when a Red would put you back to bed. But does not lack body like most whites an greens

  7. Jeanne Squier

    Magic is right! Though I didn’t have much success the first time I tried this one, I reached for it out of desperation yesterday when I needed daytime relief from bad back spasms. After 20 min, I thought I was out of luck again, but soon actually felt my muscles twitching as they began to relax. As a bonus, you get a wonderful mood “hug” as well. A very happy, relaxing blend. Thanks KOG!

  8. mustafanaushad

    This stuff is awesome. Good head space, empathy, pain and a meditative feel. Increases love and care. I’m ordering more now laying in my bed on a cold Saturday morning. I gave 2 grams to my 65 year supervisor who suffers from arthritis from a lifetime of working in a carpenter shop and he told me within 30 minutes he felt almost no pain in hands. Makes you melt in to the couch. Thanks KOG!

  9. CordeAdams32

    Bam! What do you know another great one from KOG. Not surprised that this is another good one but i am very satisfied with it. Provides an overall pleasant and happy feeling that is mellow yet invigorating.

  10. BillyBobJoe

    … Don’t worry everything’s gonna be ok… That’s how Yellow Magic makes you feel about life

  11. Miss_Mary

    I’ve been using this strain for a few months now. It’s always given me the most warm and happy feeling along with muscle relaxation. It does not give me the jitters like some of my white strains do. It seems to give just enough energy. I can take it for relaxation or to get my day started. It really helps my mood and has become my favorite!

  12. Cally

    Yellow Magic is one of mine and my husband’s all time favorite. We’ve had a few different batches because we alternate strains and its hard not to buy it every time. KOG is my absolute favorite vendor

  13. Steve R.

    Smooth afternoon relaxation. Very nice golden color. High quality packaging. Im impressed with KOG!

  14. Zora

    Smooth and mood uplifting. In between a red and a white…Nice warm feeling blend

  15. Blake

    Nice mood lift and pain relief. My go-to

  16. Carol

    Energetic but also has puts me in a better mood. Staff is very friendly and it shipped quickly.

  17. Lorri

    I am in love with this one 🙂

  18. Terry

    Very relaxing with a pretty color.

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