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Green Bota is from Boyan. It is also wild growth. This is another strong green. Bota is not a new location for me. I’ve carried red and white for a very long time…But this Green Bota I have seriously been sleeping on. Strong, perfect grind and beautiful color. This is staying permanently as its quickly become a favorite.



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Green Bota is from Boyan. It is also wild growth. This is another strong green. Bota is not a new location for me. I’ve carried red and white for a very long time…But this Green Bota I have seriously been sleeping on. Strong, perfect grind and beautiful color. This is staying permanently as its quickly become a personal favorite


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17 reviews for Green Bota

  1. Brenton

    Where to start with this one….

    This is a strain that is special, very much like Green Tayan. This is a green strain that is powerful, long lasting, and full of energy and relief.

    Green Bota is one of those special strains that you find every once in awhile, something that just blows you away no matter what tolerance you have.

    This is strong Kratom, one of the best greens I’ve had, period. If you like energetic, uplifting, invigorating Kratom, then this is for you.

    It does have some pain relief to it as previously stated, which just makes the strain complete.

    Just like Green Tayan, Green Bota feels unique. It stands apart from other strains.

    Everyone of my favorite strains has come from Kratom-OG, and once again they deliver a true gem!

  2. Brenton

    Forgot to give 5 Stars

  3. Karin Dahl

    Green bota is officially my new go to green strain for energy! It’s s high energy strain for me with decent pain relief. Gave me a great mood lift. Definitely recommend this strain! Thanks for being so awesome ❤️

  4. Steven

    This very quickly became one of my favorites. It’s got some serious energy for a green which makes it excellent for mornings. This could easily replace my cup of AM coffee. Fast acting and long lasting. The grind is everything I look for in a grind. Very fine and almost like a smooth creamy texture. Overall it just really hits a spot for me that most strains don’t hit. If you like energetic greens, look no further.

  5. Bob Morella

    Green Bota is a high energy strain that give you pain relief and energy. I took this on one of my “off days” and it seem to aid me in everyway, even modifying my mood. Often I like strains that turns your frown into a smile.

  6. Edward Ornstein

    Wow!!! KOG does it again. Tried the green Bota today and its incredible. My last 3 from OG are Green Asia Green Pear and now green Bota. All 3 are great but I’m feeling like this one might be a bit stronger than the others. Now I’ve been doing the others a lot so the first time I do a new strain its going to hit me better. I’ve been into the fast strains lately and this one is kind of fast but I’m having no anxiety and no shakes or trembling like other fast strains I’ve tried. I’m feeling very euphoric and great pain relief also a lot of energy. The green strains usually in my case last much longer than the Reds and Whites in general but there have been some exceptions. I drank this tea only an hour ago, but I think its going to have long legs. I highly recommend Green Bota and I also highly recommend Green Asia and Green Pear. Every thing I get from KOG is exceptional so take your pick he has a huge selection and he serves very large portions and always includes a sample and its a hearty sample too.

  7. Edward Ornstein

    oops I forgot to rate by stars so here I go

  8. wadelnd

    This is at the top of my list for greens along with Ultra MD blend. I was once only for Reds because of some old injuries and always seeking strains that would help yet not make me sleepy. I’m slowly switching to Greens and even whites because I’m finding they actually are good for pain and have benefits that Reds are missing. For me at least. Maybe its the sense of well-being along with pain relief that greens, like Bota give. Great mood lift, surprisingly good for pain, nice sense of well-being, some euphoria, and more. Nothing but good here from small amounts to the larger. No matter your mood, even if your bummed about something this strain soothes about anything far as I’m concerned. Not just physically but mentally with clarity to boot. It would leave me with a great sense of optimism and eager to find something to do and everything that would come to mind seemed like fun. It got me motivated and interested to do some things I’ve put off. Some people would say, where have you been all my life. Bota rocks and so does KOG

  9. Belle

    Another favorite of mine for energy and mood lift. Very motivating. If you like a lot of energy, you will love this one.

  10. Ja

    Super potent and very great cerebral mood boost. Very similar to a white. This one is seriously powerful. This is my favorite so far!

  11. Verus Diligo

    This one is special, for me is similar to a strong green Bali. Perfect for those looking for motivation and pain relief.

  12. gabe

    An excellent green. Smooth clean energy (not jittery at all), great mood and top notch euphoria. KOG greens are all can’t misses, but this one shines.

  13. BillyBobJoe

    This is one of the most energetic greens I’ve tried in my 3 years of Kratom. Amazing anxiety relief I feel great. Much like the super green on steroids very solid.

  14. Verus Diligo

    This is one of my all time favorites between all vendors I’ve ever tried in the last 4 years, don’t buy it all though, save some for me!
    On a serious note- this green has awesomely rounded effects that punch through walls of pain. Everything I want from a red & green resides within this leaf.

  15. Peyton

    I’ve been insanely happy with my results from these guys, especially with the Green Bota, good clean energy and a solid work strain, I usually add a little white but this hardly needs that.

  16. Corde Adams

    Green bota is definitely one of the steongest greens I have tried to date and the effects always last for quite awhile. Top notch green that has never dissapointed me.

  17. Brenton

    Green Bota is back with a vengeance. This is the sensational green I remembered when it debuted back in 2018. Fantastic grind and aroma, this green had me up and moving with a smile on my face. A very special green. K-OG is bringing the heat.

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