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Supergreen is amazing in so many ways.  Very fresh and a beautiful green color. One of our most popular for very good reason. Large green leaf is used from Jongkong village in Kapuas Hulu. A very patient and skilled drying process is what makes this stand out from typical super green strains


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Supergreen is amazing in so many ways.  Very fresh and a beautiful green color. One of our most popular for very good reason. Large green leaf is used from Jongkong village in Kapuas Hulu. A very patient and skilled drying process is what makes this stand out from typical super green strains.

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30 reviews for Supergreen

  1. Daniel Tarver

    if you are a fan of supergreen this is a must. this is the supergreen to end all other supergreens. it is one of the most potent, fresh, and consistent strains of kratom i haver had. lots of energy and euphoria, a great strain to take in the morning to get you going or around that 3 o’clock slump when you need that extra push. also the results of mixing this supergreen with the white banjo are phenomenal.

  2. Steph L.

    I love this strain! Great mood, high energy, decent pain relief. 4.5/5 potency

  3. Parksy Hancock

    I’ve purchased probably 40 different strains & blends from about a dozen vendors and THIS is the first kratom that I can honestly say I felt effects from. My attitude was upbeat, I had more energy than I’ve had in years & the constant pain I have from EIGHT spine surgeries was not leading my life for the first time in a long time. EXCELLENT product!

  4. Brent

    My favorite green so far that I have tried. Great euphoria mixed with energy. It’s just the perfect feel good strain to start your day off. For those that use kratom to help with depression such as myself, it is a must have in your rotation.

  5. Krystal

    Super awesome strain, must try it!

  6. Audrey

    Super green gives me the best well being ,pain relief I’ve found that’s not a blend

  7. Dave

    Super green is my favorite “pick-me-up”. Nice mood. I plan to buy some more. Only recently tried it for the first time and am looking forward to my next batch!

  8. Tom

    Wow! This morning, I cracked open my custom sample pack of Supergreen and it has the most beautiful color ever! I thought the pictures had to be ‘staged’, but my powder looked just like the pictures on the website. I took a few grams down and was in a great mood at work this morning! Great energy (not jittery), very good pain relief, really social. By 3ish, I was ready for another few grams, and it put me right back where I was first thing in the morning. I was ready to be social, work, get things done, but be in a good mood about it, which is pretty uncommon for me. I’m digging this K from Harry! Great Quality!!! Keep up the good work!!! You’ve got a return customer here!!!

  9. Tom

    OOOPS….forgot to give it 5 stars!!!!!

  10. Angie

    Great for pain and energy! One of my favorites!

  11. Sara

    Excellent product and excellent service!!

  12. Sara

    In addition to my other review, I took about the exact same amount I’ve been taking of other kinds, and this supergreen knocked my socks off! Good stuff

  13. David

    Outstanding. Great grind, color, very creamy. Very energetic, plenty of euphoria. Been enjoying for nearly a week now. Recommend it.

  14. Bob Morella

    Just tried Supergreen today actually and love it. My favorite strain so far!! It seem to give me alot of energy and also reduces pain alot too. I was really surprised at the energy it seem to release once it got started and I do enjoy the energy. This is really a great strain for energy and pain deduction!

  15. Micahjohn07

    Very energetic and great mood setting! Beautiful color. Luv it!

  16. brent4588

    This the the gold standard for what a green strain should be. You have everything you want in a green: Energy, Mood Lift, Pain Relief and long legs.

    This was the first strain I tried from the great staff at Kratom-OG, and I must say I’m extremely impressed. The grind is like flour, absolutely pure and fine.

    The aroma is very, very pleasant. I like the smell of kratom, and feel like each strains is distinct in that way. This Supergreen is no different.

    This is the best Supergreen I’ve ever had, and honestly is one of the best overall strains I’ve had period. Can’t recommend this one enough for daytime use, especially if ya need a fantastic mood lift to go with your energy!

    Thanks Guys!

  17. JenniLynn

    Best green I’ve tried so far. I’m always trying new ones but keep coming back to this one!

  18. Lynn

    I have Fibromyalgia, and suffer from chronic fatigue on a daily basis. Today, was one of those extra chronic fatigue days where my mind was very tired, foggy and in a slumber. I tried Super Green, took 3/4 teaspoon and within a half hour I felt my brain clear and my mind “woke up”! It is a smooth alertness without any jitters. I felt nice pain relief too, so will reorder this one for sure!

  19. Lynn

    I wanted to share that today I tried mixing 1/2 teaspoon SuperGreen with 1/2 teaspoon Green MD and the two work very well together! I really needed the energy today, and it brought my brain to a more alert level. I like both of these separately too, but thought I’d mix them to see the result and there seems to be a bit of a boost, but, a smooth boost in energy. It also helped my physical pain from Fibromyalgia too..I will definitely reorder this one and Green MD too!

  20. iwx0010

    Guys just one word..

  21. sheli.mckean

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the supergreen! It totally helps my mood and pain, I know it is my perfect match!! i have tried others, but none compare! And i mix it with white banjo, and just tried it with white asia, both are awesome! I am more and more grateful daily that i don’t depend on pain pills anymore! Thank you for being here with what we need!

  22. xtremeinkslingers

    I just woke up and mixed 2 grams of super green with 2 grams of white banjo and I feel great!! Massive energy, no anxiety or stomach issues. My first time trying these two and it’s my first time mixing strains and I must say they go very well together. I’m ready to take on the day with a positive, uplifting attitude. Say no to drugs and yes to kratom. Drugs take lives… kratom saves lives. Day 5 of weening myself off from depression, anxiety and sleep meds. I will no longer let a doctor diagnose me with tons of medication!!! I’m taking a stand!!! I stand with kratom!!✌??

  23. Chuck Mitchell

    This well packed package offers a tremendous green surprise – from the beautiful color to the fresh aroma! Truly, a super clean green machine that honors the green strain! Benefits : an alkaloid that is well balanced & offers the right amount of energy in prespect to mood lift @ a high rating!a well balanced stimulator that is definitely not a sleeper – a Daytime strain for sure. A definite RX write-up from a med practitioner (if we lived in a perfect world !) Go for this strain!
    Chuck M. (KRZY4KRTMDOC)

  24. wadelnd

    This one has some good benefits for me. Good pain relief, and good mood lift even when I was already in a great mood. What a blessing this day and time to not need prescription crap and have this nature plant available. Crap with side effects we all have to hear about during most commercials. Made me comfortably social but not quite a chatter box like some greens especially above 6 gr. Would be fantastic for anxiety or stress even in small amounts. I’ve had a couple stressed moments and used some SG for that reason alone and worked like a charm. For some reason if you have pain issues, stress can make it worst. This takes care of both. I got some really nice euphoria too. Not a big boost in energy for me but sometimes not required. I will continue to revisit this one often. I can always find a good time for SG because it goes good with any time of the day for me. The health benefits, the relief and feeling great from this strain something to behold

  25. Belle

    Fantastic strain for energy and mood lift. One of my favorites

  26. alan

    One of the most energetic strains I have ever had. Be mindful of your dosage…can be overwhelming if not careful.

  27. Billy Bob Joe

    This is my first dose from Kratom OG and I’m impressed!! Very energetic great for depression and anxiety. Very much a feeling of overall well-being. I willbdiff be ordering more of his strains and diff some more supergreen!!

  28. Verus Diligo

    Energy and good vibes all around, one of my favorites!

  29. Mike

    KOG supergreen is the smoothest most balanced kratom I have ever had. Such beautiful fresh and bright green color and aroma. Packs a nice punch with absolutely no jitters. Great mood lift and lasts longer then most. My wife absolutely loves this one as well. Best part is, I can burn this pretty much every day, and it always performs! Every review on here is great for a reason. So if you’re on the fence about trying this one out, hopefully what I shared here will push you over to give it a try.

  30. Verena

    WOW! I have never seen kratom this bright green. Fast shipping as well. Very happy with purchase

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