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Red Dragon is a Red Maeng Da from Jongkong that has been fermented to a dark red color which is which is suggested to increase 7ohm levels. Great red.  Smooth grind.

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Red Dragon is a Jongkong Red Maeng Da that has been fermented to a dark red color which is which is suggested to increase 7ohm levels. Great red.  Smooth grind.

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17 reviews for Red Dragon

  1. Bdot

    Definitely my favorite red strain hands down if not my favorite strain hands down. I’ve tried over 30 strains of green, white, and red. This red is what you look for in a red. Very relaxing and euphoric and also pain relieving. If you are looking for a good red try this before all others and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Brent

    My favorite red and maybe my favorite strain all around. I recently got into reds and have tried about 10 probably. I usually stick to greens for the daytime but when I get home from work so can’t wait to take this. It’s exactly what you want from a red except better. Super relaxing, euphoric and completely numb to all pain. If you are into reds I suggest you try this first​. Not only is the color unique but so is the feeling. I took a dose right before writing this as well. cheers!

  3. Lisa

    Melts your pain away!

  4. Tony

    OMG. Just got my sample of the new red dragon and I LOVE IT! Pain Free! 🙂

  5. Joe

    This is the best red I’ve had so far and I’ve had quite a bit. Even stronger than the red jongkong and has some energy to it. Amazing relief and relaxation, everyone is different and I still have a few more of Harry’s reds to try but I’ve recommended this one above all else. Never disappointed with OG products

  6. Sherri

    Red Dragon is now one of my top 5 strains! This one has a lot of energy, so it is great for a daytime red. It really helped me focus on my tasks and kept me pain free with only 1 gram. The “less is more” is definitely true with Red Dragon!

  7. Sherri

    Red Dragon is one of the best reds I’ve ever had. It is a happy, energetic red and is perfect for daytime. The aroma is smooth, almost like chocolate. I suggest mixing it with Paragin Premium for an excellent blend! KOG has consistently great kratom and I highly recommend Red Dragon!

  8. kelly.carter7711

    First off I must say that the customer service is EXCELLENT, very personable. This strain is the first I have tried from here after deserting another company due to horrible customer service. The quality is exceptional!!! Unlike others I have received from others, this isn’t too dry. This here has consistency showing it’s quality and freshness. I just ordered the 9.5 oz sampler to try other strains. I will NEVER buy from another vendor again. 100% satisfaction all around

  9. Tiffany

    This is an awesome strain! Great for pain relief and energy. Nice blended with a white or whatever your feeling

  10. J.A

    Mood boosting, not too tiring red. Reminds me of the Red Aceh, but slightly more energy in red Dragon. Slightly. Love it love it love it 🙂

  11. gabriel.tarrant

    By far the most potent kratom (red or other) I have tried from this, or any other vendor. An amazing night time strain- mood elevation, euphoria and relaxation that are not matched. A fantastic product from a fantastic vendor.

  12. M.M.D.

    I waited a long time for Red Dragon to make an appearance here again and am really delighted that the new batch is every bit as much a stand-out as the old one. Somehow, Red Dragon manages to be both relaxing and energizing and this batch is no different. Within 10-20 minutes, I find my stress melting away and a pleasant smooth energy developing. It’s a great mood enhancer, too – very mellow and lightly happy-making. The combination of all that means it’s my go-to strain when I need motivation to take on a dreaded task.

    Another great thing about Red Dragon: A lot of reds leave my thoughts soft around the edges, even muffled feeling. Red Dragon doesn’t do that which is one of the things I like best about it. My thoughts remain clear and focused and that not only aids with productivity, I like how it feels.

    I generally take it at lower doses but at higher ones Red Dragon is an effective sedative and pain killer. And it never, ever gives me the wobbles, something I’m prone to when it comes to red strains.

    I really can’t recommend this one strongly enough. It may be a bit faster and stronger than the last batch so it might be best to start off with a lower dose than usual.

  13. Mike

    I’m not usually a huge red fan, but wanted to give this one a try after reading the reviews. So glad I did! Best red I’ve ever had. Great for pain, mood, anxiety, relaxation, and without feeling out of it or totally sedated. I liked the fact that I felt that way, but was still clear headed and grounded. Superior quality and freshness as usual from KOG. Keep up the good work!

  14. mcgreane

    Wow! Ive been searching for quality kratom for quite some time…found it!! This is the only strain I have tried so far and love it..lasting relaxing effects and works great for my wife’s pain. Thanks for quality guys I’ll be placing another order as soon as I can!!!

  15. cordealanadams32

    This red dragon is probably the best red I have ever tried. It is incredibly relaxing and the analgesic effects are stronger than anything I have tried before. Another great one from KOG

  16. MJ

    I concur with the other reviewers. This is a unique strain in that it is extremely analgesic and relaxing, but not sedating. In my experience it is actually more effective for pain relief than the “slower” reds, while still giving focus and clarity. Perfect for blending with more energetic strains. Highly recommended.

  17. Cally

    All the reasons that you use powder in spades

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